The Original Tower Game

Ta-Ka-Radi is an ancient African wooden tower game being rediscovered by Western gamers of all ages. A game of dexterity and daring, it is perfect for the young and the young at heart, and is truly a game that spans the generations and provides for hours of family fun.

Ta-Ka-Radi originated in the West African port of Secondi-Takoradi in Ghana. In the 70’s, Ta-Ka-Radi found a new home in the mountains of western Maine, nurtured by an adventurous family, the Parsons.

At this point, you may be thinking “Isn’t this game just like Jenga?” There is a simple but clear answer, Jenga is to Ta-Ka-Radi, what Checkers is to Chess. If you really want to test your dexterity and daring, play Ta-Ka-Radi.

Ta-Ka-Radi is the original and most challenging
of the tower building games.

Made exclusively of native Maine hardwoods and packaged in environmentally friendly re-usable tote bags, Ta-Ka-Radi offers a certain level of sophistication that other tower games like Jenga lack. Ta-Ka-Radi provides more creativity and unlimited building styles, differing from Jenga’s single tower design.

All you need is two or more people, a sturdy, flat surface, a good eye and a steady hand. You can buy Ta-Ka-Radi for yourself, family or friends with the comfort of knowing that Ta-Ka-Radi is:

To put it simply, Ta-Ka-Radi is good, wholesome Maine-made fun!

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