Educational Value

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Although the rules are written primarily with adults in mind, TaKaRadi is an excellent game for young children. The degree of manipulation and control needed requires fine psychomotor skills and coordination.

As the game progresses and the tower grows, there are inherent lessons in balance, visualization, and cantilevering. The fact that there is no single winner is a refreshing change from the outcome of most sports and games.

“Our seventh grade kids absolutely love TaKaRadi! They love the concentration, the intensity, the crash as the tower falls, and the fact that they can design a 'forfeit' for the toppler!

What I love is that the game is like no other! Although someone topples the tower, there is really no loser. Rather there is relief, laughter, surprise, and hilarity as it crashes down.

I wish that more games were like this. Rather than glorifying in winning my kids play this together. If more games – including the great game of life - were this fun and full of surprise, I contend that there would be more cooperation and laughter all around, and the world would be a happier, safer place.”

- J. Ingalls, Milton, Massachusetts

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