The Game

'So simple in concept, so sophisticated in practice'

1 Fifty small wooden blocks (tiles) are used to build a tower.
2 Three blocks are placed (narrow side up) and parallel to one another spaced ½ inch apart.
3 Three more blocks are placed on top and at right angles to the first three tiles. Build until all tiles have been used.
4 Each player in turn attempts to remove a block and place it on top of the tower. Both hands may be used and any block of any tier (but the top tier) may be chosen.
5 The tower grows higher and increasingly less stable. Suspense builds as it seems impossible that another block can be successfully removed.
6 Balancing precariously, the tower finally reaches its “tipping point” and comes crashing down.
7 No matter how prepared you may think you are, the final collapse and crash will startle you.

TaKaRadi shopping cartThe Rules

The one rule that may not be broken is that there must be no physical contact with the player whose turn it is. No elbow jogging, ear blowing, or interference allowed.

Players may support the tower with one hand while removing a tile with the other. Each new story must be completed with all three tiles.

Ta-Ka-Radi lends itself to improvisation. Many players modify the rules or add additional limitations to increase difficulty: using only one hand, for instance, or not permitting players to support the tower with one hand while removing a block with the other.

To keep players continuously engaged, include the building of the tower in every turn. Once a player sets a tile in turn, they must drop the selected tile on top of the tower. Once the tile is placed, it cannot be adjusted.

Or...play Ta-Ka-Radi and set your own rules!

Warning: Don't be fooled by imitations, play the original and most demanding of tower building games: Ta-Ka-Radi!

Jungle Rulestakaradi jungle rules

This is a popular variation where players try to distract each other with any action being permitted short of physical contact. It adds
a wild and woolly element to the play. 

A Game For All Ages

Ta-Ka-Radi is a perfect game for the young and the young at heart. It teaches balance, patience, concentration and focus in addition to physical agility and judgment.

Bring Ta-Ka-Radi with you on family outings. Have it on hand for Thanksgiving or any family gathering. It is truly a game that spans the generations and brings the family together for hours of laughs, thrills and chills.

Having an extra game or two on hand allows you to send your guests home to continue playing the game they have just discovered.

A Great Gift

Ta-Ka-Radi is a great gift for many occasions - Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, corporate events, educational and team building workshops, and it can be customized in a number of creative ways. Additionally, Ta-Ka-Radi is a great Kwanzaa gift! Did you know you can add your company name or logo on our durable cloth bags? Please check out our corporate gift page for more information.

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- Mrs. Jonathan Nolan


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