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The Current World Record Stands at: 29 levels, November 2008
World Record TaKaRadi

If you beat that, please send us a photograph of the tower along with your name,
address and e-mail. You can even post your games on YouTube, and send us the link!
Just let us know where the game was played and on what date.

If your claim is accepted by the International TaKaRadi Federation and Bureau of Standards which is controlled by Jeff and Pattie Parsons, you will be featured at the top of this page and will be immediately inducted into the TaKaRadi Hall of Fame. Even if you don't break the record, we love to hear from players around the world and post selected anecdotes, photos and testimonials here in our Players' Gallery.

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The Gallery

TaKaRadi fun for the holidays
Fun Game for the Holidays
Thanksgiving Day, Portland, Maine

November 2008

While waiting for Aunt Jill and Uncle Michael’s brined turkey to cook, and after watching Deering beat Portland in the annual Thanksgiving Day football game: Monica Dominak, Craig Marshall, Whitney Prior and Abbey Prior built the TaKaRadi tower, only to see Monica pull out the one piece that would make it topple over. Much laughter ensued. (Photo by “Aunt Nancy” Marshall)

marshall interactive team and jeff parsonsPlaying TaKaRadi with Jeff Parsons
Amy Rowbottom, Maine

September 2008

"Rigdon Reese and I jumped at the chance to play TaKaRadi with founder,
Jeff Parsons. Needless to say, we learned from one of the best!"


TaKaRadi Team Building in TokyoTaKaRadi Championship
Japan Mekong River Ecosystem Monitoring Project
Yukako Ojima
Tokyo, Japan

June 2005

TaKaRadi was used as a key team building tool by the National Institute for Environmental Studies. It was used initially as an ice-breaker to get people laughing,
talking and having fun with each other then later as a competition/cooperation team-building exercise. They found TaKaRadi perfect for such a diverse,
multi-cultural and multi-lingual conference.

Family fun game

Tom and Adeline McDermott
Ontario, California

The McDermott family enjoys an evening of multi-generational intensity.

Nathaniel S.


"Last week my wife and I invited our neighbors over for a game of TaKaRadi. Just as it was my wife's turn to make a play, Alan leaned over and suggested to her that they could go outside to count the stars. She became so rattled that she upset the tower. Surely his play was illegal?"


"'fraid not! In fact, his move is a perfect example of applied Jungle Rules! (Incidentally, the next time it happens, suggest to your wife that she wait until it is his turn to make a play, and then quietly but enthusiastically accept his offer! See if he can keep his composure then! Be warned, though. Too much enthusiasm on her part - a hand on the knee, for example - might be grounds for disqualification under the 'no contact' rule. To say nothing of divorce!)"

TaKaRadi for all ages

Thomas, age 5

"With enough TaKaRadi and enough imagination, anything is possible!"

Fun for the whole familyGrandma Joan Parsons
Merstham, England

"I love playing TaKaRadi with my grandchildren."

Creative Tower Games
Bill County with brothers Trevor and Brandon
Oberlin, Ohio

Has anyone else played TaKaRadi on the head of their brother?

Play TaKaRadi all over the world

Kim L.

 A letter from a volcano on Hawaii:

High To TaKaRadi

"Being played at the 8,000 ft level of Mauna Lea Volcano on the island of Hawaii. Headlamps used to spot spaces between blocks or disturb your opponent under jungle rules. Thought you'd find this interesting."


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